The British 888 Group entered the blockchain industry and issued SushiChain to create a new DeFi ecosystem

In 2023, the first year of the end of the global new crown epidemic, it also poses huge challenges to the economies and enterprises of various countries. In the face of cyclical recessions and the torrent of the digital age, whether to forge ahead or to fall is ultimately determined by the things themselves. Whether it is the Internet, where the traffic competition has entered the second half, or the blockchain, where the global consensus is constantly improving, the wave of the digital economy has never lacked leaders.

  1. The unicorn in the encrypted world – DeFi

In traditional finance, a quarter of the world’s population, about 1.7 billion people, do not have bank accounts, but 80% of the world’s unbanked people have mobile phones and can connect to the Internet. These people may be able to enjoy financial services , is DeFi. Only decentralized distributed finance can minimize the cost and realize the popularization of finance through mobile phones and the Internet. The greatest significance of DeFi is to realize inclusive finance.

After more than ten years of development, the blockchain industry has crossed the first two stages represented by BTC and ETH. Now it has entered the process of issuing synthetic assets with blockchain as collateral for digital assets to issue synthetic assets, and mapping real assets as The era of DeFi represented.

From January 2019 to July 2023, the scale of locked assets in DeFi has grown rapidly from US$250 million to US$44 billion, and once exceeded 100 billion. At present, according to the development status of the entire industry and the expansion of the ecology, in the future, synthetic assets will be generated through mortgage digital assets on the blockchain. Then the scale of these synthetic assets and the scale of mortgaged assets are likely to exceed one trillion US dollars.

  1. The British 888 Group has a strong layout in the blockchain field

As a flagship global comprehensive business group, the British 888 Group firmly grasps the trend of the DeFi market in 2023 and enters the blockchain industry strongly. It cooperates with the Sushi Foundation to issue a new generation of decentralized product SushiChain, and 888Asia is responsible for business development in the Asia-Pacific region. Committed to injecting strong energy into the increasingly mature DeFi market, and actively becoming one of the largest nodes of Sushiswap in the world.

888Asia is a multinational company established in 2018. It is a subsidiary of 888 Group. It is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has offices in the United States, Australia, Singapore and other countries. 888Asia is committed to providing customers with diversified services, covering primary land development and real estate, finance, international trade, property management, cultural media, catering and other industries.

As an advocate of the development strategy of global urban circles, 888Asia actively responds to the “One Belt, One Road” policy in Southeast Asia, and takes Malaysia, Cambodia, and the Philippines as its core markets, while expanding to Georgia, Singapore, Thailand and other Asian countries. Over the years, 888Asia has been deeply cultivated in Southeast Asia, has strong industrial strength, and has achieved great success in the development of residential and commercial projects, covering a total area of about 80,000 square meters.

In recent years, 888Asia has received international recognition for its strong strength and won many awards, fully affirming its outstanding performance in the real estate field and its contribution in the field of project development quality and innovation. 888Asia takes environmental sustainable development as its own responsibility, and has won awards such as the International Construction Bureau (BCA) Green Building Mark Award and the Energy and Environmental Design Certification (LEED) Platinum Pre-certification. In terms of real estate development, 888Asia has won many awards including International Property Awards, FIABCI Property Awards, BCI Asia Awards and South East Asia Property Awards. International awards.

888Asia Group will continue to adhere to excellence and innovation in the future, and create more value and contributions for customers and society. The group’s vision is to become a leading international large-scale enterprise, and to contribute to global sustainable development and urban progress by combining the blockchain technology of the foreword. positive contribution.

  1. Long-term ecological planning of SushiChain

DeFi sector strategic planning
In addition to using the public chain for the underlying structure of decentralized products, SushiChain will also launch decentralized community governance tokens to form ecological alliances with multiple communities, converging into decentralized traffic highlands, and will also be listed on Sushiswap Increase liquidity on the head DEX.

Comprehensive Platform Planning
In the future, SushiChain will be upgraded to a comprehensive structural product platform in the DeFi field, implement a multi-currency operating mechanism, and focus on open public chains and wallets to facilitate community access under many DAO governance mechanisms.

SushiChain is developing strategic cooperation with leading exchanges and mining pools in terms of drainage and resource exchange. Members can get commission rewards and enjoy VIP services after grafting through SushiChain. In the future, SushiChain will gradually launch blockchain industry sectors such as robo-advisors, fund management, liquidity mining pools, mortgage lending, etc., and move towards a formalized transformation.

Operation progress and plan
At present, the public chain, wallet, and open source have been completed. In the future, more communities will launch more DAPPs on the public chain port. These DAPPs need to consume SSC as fuel, so the limited number of SSC will not only be a Token, It is a real underlying asset with consensus support.

In the future, based on the strong support of the British 888 Group, SushiChain will continue to build global node communities in many countries in the process of improving the ecological application of the token-enabled entity industry, and regularly hold intercontinental offline summits, so that global DeFi enthusiasts can better participate in this feast of open finance.

Like BTC, SushiChain also has the “anti-fragility” mentioned by Nassim Nicolas Taleb in “Anti-Fragility: Benefiting from Disorder”. In a continuous, self-reinforcing feedback loop, SushiChain’s development community and users—even those outside forces trying to leverage it—all contribute to a more reliable system. This in turn leads to more and more people using it, making SushiChain more resistant to future tests.