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In the name of DAO, it promotes the landing of the Metaverse, and Meta Resident achieves the community with value!

More than 2,000 years ago, the cognition that subverted the world came from thinkers; more than 300 years ago, the cognition that subverted the world came from scientists; today, the cognition that subverted the world is most likely to be generated by blockchain practitioners; It is very likely that cognition occurs in algorithms, not humans.

In the past year, the Metaverse and DAO have flourished. As the outlet of the blockchain, this is definitely the new development mission of the industry in the future.

The large-scale emergence of DAO actually means a major turning point in human civilization. In the future, the entire human race will move towards a decentralized civilization, which can also be said to be an era of algorithmic civilization.

At this critical time node, Meta Resident (hereinafter referred to as MR) was born. MR takes the important task of human civilization progress, rebuilds the safety and trust of the community, and gathers the strength of each member to jointly accomplish a goal and integrate The imagination of talents in the field of blockchain can be used to maximize social value.

Meta Resident

Blockchain is the second Internet revolution, and the value and business it creates can be compared to the Internet’s contribution to information and media. By completely eliminating fault and trust issues, it enables an unprecedented level of collective coordination that forms the technical foundation of DAOs.

MR is a Defi 2.0 application DAO protocol based on blockchain technology. It is a second-layer Defi financial protocol that can expand and link the whole ecology in the future. MR aims to allow some people to enter the future and become the DAO organization of the Metaverse “Meta” Resident.


MR has the core spirit of Web3: positive, transparent, and win-win, MR coordinates the network through true ownership of contributors’ work and community relations. When everyone owns a part of the network, and the success of the network depends on their actions, more and more people will choose to join, and the whole ecosystem will grow stronger and stronger.

Many other DAOs are still an abstract concept today, and a key point of their failure is the lack of a solid framework for decentralized blockchain governance. MR is different. It is an open and generalized DAO smart contract framework that enables decentralized supervision and collective value management on the blockchain.

Just as HTTP enables the creation and interoperability of websites and web applications, MR enables the creation of web companies, collaborative applications and DAOs, giving each member voting and governance rights, and aligning their interests to ultimately build A new open collaboration network. In this network, collectives can organize themselves around shared goals and values, going beyond pure economic growth.

Moreover, in order to show the meaning of community to the world, MR has created a 10,000 times plan. MR is a key step for society to move towards a multi-collaborative and sustainable future development, and it is a great community cause for the entire mankind.

Meta Resident 10,000 times plan

In order to develop a DAO to a corresponding scale, traditional marketing is not enough. Therefore, in our transition to the world’s largest metaverse DAO, we must build a tight-knit community of DAO contributors who can work with the core MR team to operate the network, and we will give them excess benefits, We call this plan: MR 10,000 times plan. Only the official DAO members of MR can really enjoy the dividends of the 10,000 times plan.

In the MR ecology, the total number of tokens is 10,000, of which 2,000 are IDO and 8,000 are injected into the liquidity pool. Users need to purchase MR from the liquidity pool, inject MR/BNB liquidity, hold the LP liquidity certificate and pledge it into the DAO protocol, and then activate as a formal MR ecological member, with voting rights, casting rights, and dividend pool dividends.

In the early days of the 10,000 times plan, due to the low market value of only 200,000 US dollars, each DAO member needs to buy MR tokens, and then feed them back into the liquidity pool to get LPs to become full members, adding a lot of capital to the liquidity pool, plus 2% Continued deflation and destruction ensures that the tokens are deflated to 2100 pieces, and the token price will continue to rise. The token price will be 100 times from 20U to 200U and then to 2000U after the Swap transaction is opened. At this time, it belongs to the development dividend growth period of MR. All can quickly profit from it, just to expand the ecology.

When the community develops to a certain level, the MR ecology will develop the ecology through a large number of metaverse chain games, and each project will mint application coins, which will be presented in the form of MR01, MR02, MR03….

Example: You have 2 MRs, each 2000U, worth 4000U, split and exchanged for 20,000 application coins MR01, each 0.2U starts to enter various applications such as chain games, NFT, Metaverse, and DeFi (detailed in the ecological application chapter). ); the currency price from 0.2U to 2U is 1000 times, and then to 20U is 10,000 times!

At that time, we can proudly announce that MR is a great invention of the entire human organization transitioning to DAO. It subverts the new profit-oriented community mechanism with beliefs and values. Currently in the infancy of DAO, we firmly believe that DAO will become the most A valuable invention.


As the most advanced DAO model at present, MR has a complete economic model design and planning. The total amount of tokens in the early stage is small and can be fully autonomous. Members can directly establish liquidity, improve the DAO ecology, and also enjoy dividends and liquidity benefits.

Constrained by smart contracts, the distributed blockchain community organization form that jointly creates, acquires and distributes community value has the characteristics of decentralization, tokenization, autonomy, autonomous rationality, openness and transparency. In line with our imagination of the future, grasping the future is now!


Brief introduction about Angel Soul GameFi project

Game Background

At the beginning of creation, light and darkness were separated from chaos, transforming the light into heaven. In the heavens reside the most powerful creatures; these are the Angel of Justice Gwendolyn, Angel of Courage Alfredo, Angel of Wisdom Elvis, Angel of Fate Helena, and Angel of Hope Melany. Darkness is transformed into hell; there live the three demon gods in the depths of hell! The Demon of Fear Henrietta, Demon of Doom Norton, and Demon of Hate Yehudi.

When light and darkness were separated, a piece of Sacred Water fell from the sky. Sacred Water can rejuvenate a life force, and this water can be a weapon of destruction when placed in the wrong hands. Sacred water caused the angels and demons to carry out a war that lasted for tens of thousands of years, but not every angel and demon are willing to oppose each other. With the help of angels and demons who are willing to live in peace, Angel of Justice Gwendolyn obtained Sacred Water and created the Place of Sacred Water. Because of the powerful effect of the hybrid, Bryanna was born with powerful abilities and the ability to protect the Place of Sacred Water.

But because of some unknown reasons, some people in the Place of Sacred Water were compelled by the demons in hell. Eventually, Sacred Water was stolen; from then on, the Place of Sacred Water lost its shelter and fell into the darkness, and this period was known as the “Shadow Age.”

Only the strongest of the warriors will be able to get the Sacred Water from the abyss and depths of hell.

Character obtainment.

Create a character: 100 $MOL (100% destruction)

(Get a random Hero)

Recruit Soldier: 10 $MOL (100% destruction)

(Soldier, can only participate in Land Instance, can not be traded, can not be upgraded)

Hero Mystery Box can be purchased with $MOL

(7 kinds of characters, each Hero is level 1 at the beginning, can rise to level 50)

Players can enter the game for 7 types of Hero that are randomly Obtained:

Savage: Power-based, specializes in Melee Physical Attack

Knight: Power-based, specializes in Melee Spells Attack

Mage: Intelligence-based, specializes in Ranged Spells Attack

Thief: Agility-based, specializes in Melee Physical Attack

Hunter: Agility-based, specializes in Ranged Physical Attack

Priest: Intelligence-based, specializes in Auxiliary

Master: Intelligence-based, specializing in Black Magic Ranged Attack

Hero Level Up

The newly created Hero is level 1, has no attribute value, and can only participate in Land mining.

Level 1~10, every 1000 EXP value + 10 $MOL can be leveled up with a 100% success rate.

Level 10~20, every 2000 EXP value + 20 $MOL can be leveled up with a 70% success rate.

Level 20~30, every 4000 EXP value + 40 $MOL can be leveled up with a 50% success rate.

Level 30~40, every 8000 EXP value + 80 $MOL can be leveled up with a 30% success rate.

From level 40 to level 50, for every 16,000 EXP + 160 $MOL can be leveled up with a 10% success rate.

Please note that you may fail when you level up your advanced character. If the level-up fails, your character will be permanently lost.


1. Each character initial Energy is 5 Energy: can participate in 5 times Instance (can use Energy Potion, increase 1 Energy that can play 1 Instance again)

2. Using Asylum Card, NFT characters do not explode the card, retain the original level, the current EXP to zero, level up materials, or destroy materials.

Dungeon Instance:

Level 2-10 (EXP +Regular Treasure Box)

Level 10-20(EXP +(Regular Treasure Box/Bronze Treasure Box, random a Treasure Box)

Level 20-30(EXP +Bronze Treasure Box)

Level 30-40 (EXP +Bronze Treasure Box/Silver Treasure Box, random a Treasure Box)

Level 40-50 (EXP +Silver Treasure Box/Gold Treasure Box, random a Treasure Box)

Level 50 full level Dungeon (EXP + Gold Treasure Box)

Treasure Box Details:

Regular Treasure Box: (0.1~10$MOL+ White Weapons Shard/ White Weapons Blueprint )

Bronze Treasure Box: (0.5~20$MOL+ Green Weapons Shard below/ Green Weapons Blueprint below)

Silver Treasure Box: (2~50$MOL+ Blue Weapons Shard below/ Blue Weapons Blueprint below)

Gold Treasure Box: (5~100$MOL+ Purple Weapons Shard以下/ Purple Weapons Blueprint below)


1. Every time you play Instance, you will get 25 EXP, and if you fail the challenge, you will also get 25 EXP.

2. Participate in Dungeon will get Treasure Box, Treasure Box has Weapons Shard/Weapons Blueprint/$MOL random.

Weapons obtainment:

Gear Mystery Box: 100 $MOL(100% Destruction)

(random item: Weapons, Weapons Blueprint, Asylum Card, and Weapons Shard)

1. Weapons Types:

Knight: Axe(White – Green – Blue – Purple – Gold), Mystery Box random Obtained, White Highest probability, Gold Lowest probability

Mage: Staff(White – Green – Blue – Purple – Gold), Mystery Box random Obtained, White Highest probability, Gold Lowest probability

Thief: Firearms(White – Green – Blue – Purple – Gold), Mystery Box random Obtained, White Highest probability, Gold Lowest probability

Hunter: Bow(White – Green – Blue – Purple – Gold), Mystery Box random Obtained, White Highest probability, Gold Lowest probability

Savage: Gloves(White – Green – Blue – Purple – Gold), Mystery Box random Obtained, White Highest probability, Gold Lowest probability

Master: Sword(White – Green – Blue – Purple – Gold), Mystery Box random Obtained, White Highest probability, Gold Lowest probability

Priest: Magic Guide Book(White – Green – Blue – Purple – Gold), Mystery Box random Obtained, White Highest probability, Gold Lowest probability

2. Weapons Synthesis:

Weapons Blueprint 5 levels (White – Green – Blue – Purple – Gold), corresponding to different levels of Weapons Shard, requires the same level of Weapons Blueprint + consume the corresponding Knowledge to synthesize Weapons.

3. Synthesis Expense: (Knowledge )

White: 1 Knowledge

Green: 2 Knowledge

Blue: 4 Knowledge

Purple: 8 Knowledge

Gold: 16 Knowledge


Arena: Send your Hero team to compete in the arena, win and get the trophy!

1. Daily ranking rewards: each day, there will be a ranking based on the number of trophies.

Trophy Ranking

The top 100 users of Trophy for the day will be rewarded:

Daily Rewards

First place: 100$MOL+3 Asylum Cards

Second place: 80 $MOL + 2 Asylum Cards

Third place: 50 $MOL + 1 Asylum Card

Fourth place: 30 MOL + 1 Asylum Card

Fifth place: 20 $MOL+1 Asylum Card

Sixth to tenth place: 10 $MOL+1 Asylum Card

Eleventh to 100th place: 5 $MOL

Land Plan: (100% destruction)

1, Land Pre-sale Phase 1: 100 Land

(Pre-sale 1 Land=1000 $MOL)

2, Land Pre-sale Phase 2: 100 Land

(Pre-sale 1 Land=2000 $MOL)

3, Land Pre-sale Phase 3: 100 Land

(Pre-sale 1 Land=3000 $MOL)

Land limited edition :

100 pieces of Hunter Land

100 pieces of Fairy Land

100 pieces of Dwarf Land

Three Major Lands:

Hunter Land produces EXP – Sacred Water

Fairy Land produces Energy – Sacred Water

Dwarf Land produces Knowledge – Sacred Water

Land upgrade rules:

Level 1 Land: Population cap of 1000, Land element tax of 5%

Level 2 Land: Population cap 2000, Land element tax 6%, elemental production value increased by 10%

(Population reaches 1000 + consume 1000 $MOL to upgrade Level 2 Land)

Level 3 Land: Population cap 3000, Land element tax 7%, elemental production value increased by 20%

(Population reaches 2000 + consume 2000 $MOL, upgrade to Level 3 Land)

Level 4 Land: Population cap 4000, Land element tax 8%, elemental production value increased by 30%

(Population reaches 3000+, consume 3000 $MOL, upgrade to Level 4 Land)

Level 5 Land: Population cap 5000, Land element tax 9%, elemental production value increased by 40%

(Population reaches 4000+, consume 4000 $MOL, upgrade to level 6 Land)

Level 6 Land: Population cap 6000, Land element tax 10%, finance tax 1%, elemental production value increased by 50%

(Population reaches 5000+, consume 5000 $MOL, upgrade to level 6)

Level 7 Land: Population cap 7000, Land element tax 10%, finance tax 2%, elemental production value increased by 60%

(Population reaches 6000+, consume 6000 $MOL, upgrade to level 7)

Level 8 Land: Population cap 8000, Land element tax 10%, finance tax 3%, elemental production value increased by 70%

(Population reaches 7000+, consume 7000 $MOL, upgrade to level 8)

Level 9 Land: Population cap 9000, Land element tax 10%, finance tax 4%, elemental production value increased by 80%

(Population reaches 8000+, consume 8000 $MOL, upgrade to level 9)

Top Level Land: Population cap 10000, Land element tax 10%, finance tax 5%, elemental production value increased by 100%

(Population reaches 9000+, consume 9000 $MOL, upgrade to top-level Land)


1. Elemental tax is derived from; if there is a user in the level one to level ten land, digging a Sacred Water, the system will calculate an additional 5%-10% to the Landholder.


2. The finance tax comes from; if a user participates in Dungeon from level 6 to level 10 land, the system will calculate an additional 1%-5% of the $MOL to the holder of the Land where the user is located.

Land Instance:

Level 1~Level 20 Land Mining

Hunter Land can produce 5 EXP in 24 hours

Fairy Land can produce 0.1 Energy in 24 hours

Dwarf Land can produce 0.1 Knowledge in 24 hours

Level 20~Level 40 Land Mining

Hunter Land can produce 10 EXP in 24 hours

Fairy Land can produce 0.2 Energy in 24 hours

Dwarf Land can produce 0.2 Knowledge in 24 hours

Level 40~Level 50 Land mining

Hunter Land can produce 25 EXP in 24 hours

Fairy Land can produce 0.5 Energy in 24 hours

Dwarf Land can produce 0.5 Knowledge in 24 hours


EXP = 50 EXP + EXP Bottle + Synthesis = (EXP Sacred Water)

Energy =1 Energy + Energy Bottle + Synthesis=(Energy Sacred Water)

Knowledge = 1 Knowledge + Knowledge Bottle + Synthesis=(Knowledge Sacred Water)

You need to buy the corresponding Bottle from the store to correspond with the Sacred Water.

Available for purchase in the store:

EXP Bottle: Capacity (50 EXP ) = 2 $MOL

Energy Bottle: Capacity (1 Energy ) = 2 $MOL

Knowledge Bottle: Capacity (1Knowledge ) = 2 $MOL

(90% of Bottle purchases are used for destruction, 10% for Land Ranking Bonus Pool)

Land Ranking:

Land tax ranking bonus, the top 10 in the total tax amount of the day will get $MOL, and the $MOL is the $MOL spent by the user to buy Bottle; 10% is used for the Land ranking bonus.

Land Tax Top 10 Bonus:

First Place: 20%

Second Place: 15%

Third Place: 10%

4th to 10th place: 55%


Token Name: $MOL

Total number of tokens issued: 1 billion

In-Game Rewards 99%

will be divided into two parts:

90% for reward character mining

9% for ecosystem rewards

0.1% IDO (no lock-in)

0.1% Institutional: (10% released the same day, the remaining 90% released linearly over 36 months)

0.2% Private Equity: 0.25U (10% same-day release, 90% linear release over 36 months)

0.3% Foundation: (10% same-day release, 90% linear release over 36 months)

0.3% Founding Team: (10% release next month, 90% linear release over 36 months)

Production reduction mechanism:

Halving rule (Population valve) ≥ 50000 total Population, the game output Sacred Water / each Population increment by 100%, the corresponding will halve the output; (as follows: 10W (-50%), 20W (-50%), 40W (-50%), 80W (-50%), 160W (- 50%), 320W (-50%) and so on (each Hero/Soldier count 1 Population)


We will open multiplayer team mode in the future higher difficulty Dungeon, using Flash rich media technology, with reasonable design and stable system, supporting a large number of users online at the same time. The game will be designed with a friendly human-machine interface, recreating the magnificent war scenes in the game’s background lore. Players can explore and upgrade with their companions in the game’s virtual world, and only with multiplayer teams can they achieve ultimate victory in the higher-difficulty Dungeon.

Overall, the emergence of metagaming chain tour track ushered in a new round of reshuffle, in the mainstream game company impact and the role of the market itself, most of the current chain tour may be eliminated by the market, only innovation landing to open up new roads, and even to promote the qualitative changes in the industry.


January 25: Beta version

(Land, Land mining (manufacturing Potion) Hero Mystery Box, recruiting Soldier, Weapons Mystery Box)

Hero Mystery Box: 100USD

Weapons Mystery Box: 100USD

Recruit Soldier: 10USD

Purchase Land: 1000USD

Bottle: 2USD

(Test Beta version benefits: non-censored)

February: Official Launch

(Daily Instance, Daily Ranking, Land Ranking)

Hero Mystery Box: 100 $MOL

Weapons Mystery Box: 100 $MOL

Recruit Soldier: 10 $MOL

Purchase Land: 1000 $MOL

Bottle: 2 $MOL

(Repurchased $MOLs are transferred directly to BSC blackhole address)

March: Built-in NFT marketplace launched

April – June:

the second phase launched, Hero quality / Weapons quality upgrade, Hero exclusive Weapons, Hero exclusive Instance, Land battles

July to December: Global Club Season

2023: $MOL mainnet launched

Contact us




Silicoin Network AMA on Hotbit exchange

Q1 At the beginning, can you introduce yourself to the community? How and why did you join to Silicoin team?

Hi everyone, and happy new year! Thank you, Hotbit and all cryptocurrency fans, for coming. I started mining in 2015 and leave away from Amazon in 2018 summer to conduct personal cryptocurrency investment and technical research at home.Last June, Charlie invited me to join the Silicoin team to do some marketing work.

Regarding Silicoin, my first impression was that I thought this project had a promising future, so I started working desperately.

I have to say that Silicoin’s community building is magnificent, and I am delighted to be one of them and start my Silicoin journey.

Q2 Could you briefly introduce Silicoin project?

Silicoin is an innovative and open project.

Innovation. Silicoin is a mining token. This project is one step closer based on POST consensus and proposes a dual consensus mechanism, adding PoS to the original mechanism, Staking. As a result, attempts to solve the disadvantages of PoW and PoS. In addition, Silicoin has many technical innovations and attempts, which will not be introduced here. Instead, you can go to the official website to check.

Open. Silicoin is a community-based project. We created SCA (Silicoin Community Association), an autonomous community organization led by the Silicoin team. Silicoin has always been open to the community, adhering to DAO spirit, whether a technology developer or a member of a miner, can contribute to the project in the community. In addition, we are very open to the new technology and direction of the blockchain, hoping to follow the development of the blockchain and achieve more excellent project value.

Q3 What milestones have Silicoin achieved so far?

In April 2021, the Silicoin team was founded under Charlie’s leadership

In May 2021, the first version of the White Paper was finalized; The PoB consensus mechanism was finalized

In June 2021, the official website was launched; Discord Community was formed; Testnet1.0 launched; The application node is begun for airdrop.

In July 2021, the computing power exceeded 300PiB; Network update rebooted, Testnet1.5 appeared; TSIT began over-the-counter trading.

In August 2021, Logo was upgraded; the Community incentive scheme was launched; The calculation power exceeded 800PiB.

In September 2021, Staking begins testing; First AMA activity; The calculation power exceeded to 1000PiB

In October 2021, tSIT is converted into SIT; The main network was officially launched, and PoB consensus mechanism was born. SIT listed on CitEX

November 2021, when main nets fix bugs, are voted on and rebooted by the community, innovation is Staking the rest of the network. SIT price to new high record; Official SCA launched.

In December 2021, the main network is constantly updated and running stably; The global community continues to grow, numbering over 20,000.

Now, Silicoin listed on HotBit

Q4 Could you share the latest Silicoin progress?

These two months Silicoin will announce a series of news that will benefit the project’s development, such as Silicoin NFT, DAO foundation, and adaptation and development plans for Web 3.0.

Q5 What is the planning of Silicoin in 2022?

Recently, the team will focus on the technological development of the Silicoin network. In addition, of course, we shall also carry out international marketing simultaneously.

This spring, the team and other partners will hold a hackathon so that everyone with lofty ideals can obtain code achievements and financial support to establish a prosperous foundation for the Silicoin Ecosystem.

In addition, Silicoin Token will realize a cross-chain bridge and achieve more innovative attempts on the BSC network, such as DeFi 2.0, GameFi. And shortly, we will definitely let these attempts change on the Silicoin main network.

In Summer, The PoB consensus mechanism and the foreseeable secondary market response will tell the entire blockchain that Silicoin has formed a tremendous influence in terms of market, technology, and community value. All investors and participants will have obtained huge benefits.

Starting in September, with the Rose Network’s arrival, Silicoin will realize the concept of smart contracts or smart tokens. From this, it can be expected that a prosperous blockchain silicoin-based civilization will be born from your perspective.

At this stage, The mining system is not going to make any adjustment during this test phase, but the application nodes will have upgraded to support the smart contract running on the rose network. Besides, cross-chain is also one of the expedition goals at this stage.

By the end of 2022, Mainnet 2.0 will be coming. Silicoin will gradually launch a series of DeFi expansion functions such as SIT financial payment, NFT casting, SilicoinSwap, GameFi, etc., to create a complete Silicoin economic win-win ecosystem.

Q6 According to the last answer, mentioned hot words like DAO, NFT and GameFi, could you tell us more about them?

In the Silicoin network, large-scale ecosystem application construction is temporarily impossible. So has Silicoin, which is willing to explore and innovate, stagnated? No, we will soon develop a cross-chain bridge function so that tens of thousands of Silicoin miners can experience the future of Silicoin on the BSC network.

For example, the popular NFT and GameFi are undoubtedly opening a new portal for the Silicoin ecosystem.

Regarding NFT and DAO, we recently launched a NFT for all Silicoin users, called Silicoin NFT, which has SCA exclusive cards, these are the prototype of Silicoin DAO. In addition, SCA members made many contributions to Silicoin network, including global promoting, community management, project development consultation, etc.

I personally believe that 2022 will be the year of DAO, and any blockchain organization and project will make changes in the DAO revolution. On this basis, Silicoin will salute Web 3.0 at the fastest speed, leading everyone to embrace a new world, Making The World Work Fair And Open.

Q7 What is Silicoin worth to cryptocurrency investors?

Silicoin economic model has always been a benchmark in the industry, which is an excellent investment target for any investor.

We can forecast that the value of Silicoin will keep rising in the long term, and the price will increase steadily. In this economic logic, Silicoin finds the use case of SIT and avoids the monopoly of giants, and helps small miners increase their profits.

The staking system of Silicoin makes tokens integrate into its table fully, long-term and safe ecosystem and form a complete economic circle. This is definitely far more attractive to miners than similar projects. It is enough to make Silicoin outstanding from many mining coins and become one of the best projects with the best community and ecosystem.

Regarding the prospect of Silicoin’s ecosystem, as mentioned in the previous answer, a vast and stable systemic ecosystem is coming.

Q8 In terms of marketing, what following events will be exciting by Silicoin?

The current Silicoin New Year’s NFT Cards Event is coming to an end, and there will be a trading competition with HotBit. In addition, we will actively promote various cooperation with other blockchain projects, such as wallets, GameFi, mining pools, and so on.

Also, the hackathon will begin in the spring to encourage more developers to join the Silicoin ecosystem.

The first classical music NFT platform is online

As a known fact, NFT has set off huge waves in the art world. And in music area, the hurricane effect of NFT is also as scheduled. As NFT become the focus of the music industry, Kolo, which has been incubated by Kuke, has also officially launched. The first trade opening time of the KOLO platform is GMT 7: 00, Jan. 20th, 2022. The first batch of released online works are representative recordings of contemporary top artists. Next, there is the introduction of these cherished artists for everyone:

What artists will be in the starting lineup?


One of the most outstanding pianists in the 20th century

The writer of the first lot is the Austrian pianist, composer Friedrich Gulda. Gulda is a unique genius in the history, who has achieved huge success in classical and jazz music. In the classical music field, the Beethoven Piano Sonata played by him is considered one of the best versions in the history. Since the 1950s, he got interested in Jazz and improvisation. So, he wrote several songs and instrumental pieces of his own, sometimes, he would also combine Jazz and classical music in his concert. It was this boundary-crossing unorthodox approach that earned him the nickname “Pianist of Terror”, but Gulda is also widely recognized as one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century. His bold innovation of classical music is exactly in line with the core idea of Kuke — “Sound of innovation” — inheriting classics, embracing technology and innovating constantly.


The greatest cellist since the last century

The second item is from Pablo Casals’ performance of Bach’s six suites for Cello, which is described as the unsurpassed absolute classic of cello works. This legendary work is ill-fated. Until 1890, in a second-hand music shop in Barcelona, a teenager Casals stumbled upon the scores which was wrote by Bach in early 18th century. After 12 years of painstaking study and practice, he performed the first song (BWV 1007) for the first time in public at the age of 25, and immediately shocked the music world. After a long struggle for perfection, the complete album was finally recorded at his age of 60. His version remains unique for its powerful, impulsive and soulful conviction. Casals is now considered the greatest cellist since the last century. He greatly enhanced the status of cello as a solo instrument with his amazing performance and work development ability.


One of the most eminent violinists of the 20th century

Third up for sale was Ginette Neveu’s Brahms: Violin Concerto in D major. Neveu’s recordings are few and far between, but they remain in the catalog. The Brahms Concerto is one of her best recordings in 1946. Brahms’ only violin concerto, Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 77, is wrote in 1878, which was dedicated to his friend, the violinist Joseph Joachim. Joachim praised it as one of the top four German violin concertos. Despite the age of the recording material, Neveu is still one of the few geniuses in history to have recorded something truly infectious. In 1949, when she was at the peak of her career, Neveu was killed in a plane crash while on tour, and the music world had lost one of its greatest talents. People can only marvel at her electric live performances, track down her rare recordings and lament the untimely death of one of the biggest stars of the century. People can only marvel at the ups and downs of her live performances, pursue her rare wonderful recordings, sigh at the death of a century star.

The combination of NFT and the music industry has become a trend. KOLO’s launch will serve as a starting point and demonstration for the NFT of the classical music industry. KOLO will cultivate people’s consumption habit of paying for digital music, build a better music ecological environment, expand the global digital classical music works territory, and become the core competitiveness in the market.

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Official website:




Biking Not only enhance product competitiveness internally, but also market externally to help overcome obstacles in numerous Exchanges

Nowadays global blockchain-related products are flourishing, compared with the affected by the majority of the industry, which is still in a “dividend period”.

At the same time, there are thousands of trading platforms around the world to provide various types of digital asset trading services.Thus, how to stand out in the fierce competition among peers is a test for every exchange.

Biking Exchange as an excellent newbie quickly entered everyone’s vision recently, and obtain a large number of users quickly. Why Biking Exchange stand out so quick? It is mainly its realization of the product and the market core competitiveness. On the one hand,more stable technology, better experience, richer and more innovative product features enhance user satisfaction in an all-round way . On the other hand, the better partner welfare , merchants and customers benefit activities,are supported fully by users,capital and partners.

Biking Exchange ( is the world’s leading compliant professional blockchain derivatives trading platform, headquartered in Singapore, adhering to the trading philosophy of “safety, freedom, and user first”, serving Europe, America, and Southeast Asia , Hong Kong, Singapore and other 35 countries or regions in more than 120 countries to start trading services.

Biking is committed to providing users with safe and convenient transaction services with a team of blockchain technology experts from the world’s top 100 companies, integrating the world’s top security technology.

Innovative Product, Rich Gameplay, Safety and Reliability

Innovative products: six functions to enhance user experience

For an exchange, continuous product innovation is the original driving force supporting its development. Since its establishment, Biking has continuously developed special functions including bonus trading, cross and isolated mode, trailing stop order,partial liquidation, partial closing, inverse contracts, margin addition, etc.

1.Cross and Isolated Mode

Margin in cross margin mode is shared among the user’s Margin Account:

Assets in cross margin account are shared by all positions.Margin level is calculated according to total asset value and debt in the Cross Margin Account.Each user can only open one cross margin account, and all trading pairs are available in this account. The system will check the margin level of the Cross Margin Account and notify users about supplying additional margin or closing positions. Once liquidation happens, all positions will be liquidated.

In the isolated mode, each trading pair has an independent Isolated Margin Account. Margin level is calculated solely in each Isolated Margin Account based on the asset and debt in the isolated. After the margin loss of a order reaches the Max SL, it will be forced liquidation,as same as in the Max TP.

Note: Cross and Isolated Mode can’t be opened at the same time.

2.Trailing Stop Order

After trailing stop order is activated, all opening and closing position actions of the trader will be executed simultaneously, and synchronization cannot be completed only when the account balance is insufficient or exceeds the upper limit of the position. If there is no manual cancellation of the trailing stop order, the order will continue to be enabled.

3.Partial Liquidation

When holding a certain number of long or short positions, the closing amount can be chosen freely according to market changes and PNL. At the same time, the PNL amount of the position will also be based on the ratio of the closing amount to the total margin, etc. Proportional settlement, the floating profit remains unchanged after the position is closed.

4.Inverse Contracts

The system will automatically close the currently selected holding position at the best market price, and open the same number of positions in the opposite direction at the best market price to avoid missing the reversal market or too late to open the positions.

5.Margin Addition

When holding a certain number of long or short positions, the margin can be added based on the various parameters of the current position, and the position coefficient after the increase will be calculated according to the weighting formula of the respective position parameters when the position is opened and the margin is added.

How to play?

In terms of gameplay, the Biking Exchange has innovatively developed two major functions: fast contracts and bonus transactions.

Fast contract: 0 slippage, easy to use, and smoother experience.

Biking Fast Contract (CFD) is developed by Biking for the new market of expanded contracts. It has the advantages of 100% transaction, smooth order placement, rapid response, and0 slippage.

The first is a convenient experience. Contract trading is more complex than spot and other trading methods, and a friendly user experience is particularly important under such conditions. CFD has one-click opening and closing, partial closing, one-click reverse opening, quick closing and other functions, which are very convenient to use.

Then there is a high-quality trading experience with 0 slippage and one-click transactions. One of the core advantages of CFD is the real realization of zero slippage one-click trading.

Then there is friendliness for newbie. The functions of the CFD are concise and clear, without many requirements of the cumbersome traditional contract products, which are more friendly to newbie.

Finally, it is user-friendly for large users. There is no fee for opening a position in the currency CFD, and a 0.075% transaction fee is charged for closing a position, and the fee is relatively low. At the same time, when the user’s position risk rate reaches 10%, the liquidation will be triggered, allowing users with large funds to freely choose a higher leverage ratio makes trading more flexible.

Bonus Trading: the innovative experience bonus mode is widely welcomed by users

Bonus trading is a new gameplay of special contracts launched by the Biking team for the entire network contract users. The operating process of bonus trading is the same as the real contract. The profit obtained from opening a position can be transferred to the contract account for continued opening. Deposits or withdrawals can be obtained through airdrops and task.

User Traffic, Global Compliance, All-round Customer and Business Benefits

1.User traffic: millions of users spread across 35 countries around the world , recognized by well-known capital

Biking has a digital currency trading platform compliance operating license and a financial derivatives compliance operating license. Since its operation, it has been favored by 1.2 million users worldwide, covering 35 countries including Singapore, Europe, South Korea, Hong Kong of China, and Southeast Asia.

At the same time, Biking’s comprehensive product services and strong user base have attracted the favor of world-renowned capital.

Currently, Biking Exchange has received a strategic investment of $20 million (equivalent to RMB 130m) from Singapore Capital Intabing. Intabing Investment will provide Biking Exchange with global market resource support, and will rapidly expand the global influence ofnBiking Exchange in a short period of time.

2.Global Compliance: Dual-country MSB license promotes global compliance to a new level

At present, Biking has won the MSB compliance operating license issued by Finance in the United States and Canada, which marks the phased progress of Biking’s global compliance.

The US MSB license is a type of financial license supervised and issued by the US Department of the Treasury. The main subject of supervision is money service-related businesses and companies, including digital currency, virtual currency transactions, and international payments. Companies engaged in the above-mentioned related businesses in the United States must apply for an MSB license in order to operate legally. At present, the industry’s well-known exchanges Coinbase, Huobi, Binance, etc. all hold the license.

The Canadian MSB license is issued by FINTRAC. FINTRAC is Canada’s financial supervision unit. It was established in 2000. It is mainly responsible for collecting, analyzing, evaluating and disclosing relevant information about the Canadian financial industry in order to protect Canada’s financial stability and security. The business scope of its fund supervision service is: foreign exchange transactions; transfer and remittance business; cashing or selling money orders; traveler’s checks; virtual currency transactions, etc.

The acquisition of the dual license signifies that the Biking Exchange’s global compliance process has entered a new stage, which will help it play its own advantages, better integrate high-quality resources, and further promote platform construction and technology development. Global blockchain financial derivatives provide better services.

3.Partners: Super high Commission Return + Rich Rewards

Biking currently has launched a limited time partner recruitment. Become a Biking partner within a limited time, which can be rich in rewards.

In the long-term agency rights of Biking, you can get up to 92% of the commission fee return of the first level + 10% of the second level of the commission fee return, and the agent upgrade can also get a maximum of $1 million experience bonus reward. During the event, all levels of agents can get a 1.2 times bonus boost, and get up to 120% commission back.

At the same time, the Biking agent benefits are also very friendly to newbie and other VIP exchange users. Biking implements the agency upgrade model of “Other is mine”, and for newbies, Biking has innovatively launched an agency limited-time experience card service, so that more users who have not reached the agency standard can enjoy agency benefits in advance.

4.User benefits: Rich Growth Tasks and User Incentive Activities

The Contract Task Center of the Biking Exchange splits the various execution steps involved in contract transactions into an interesting and diverse task system. Users can get USDT bonus rewards by completing the corresponding requirements of each task. The more tasks you complete, the greater the reward. The tasks are mainly divided into three categories, namely newbies task, growth tasks and activity tasks.

The specific tasks are as follows:

[Newcomer task]

Successful user registration can unlock the newcomer contract task

Time: 1 month (for new users, the registration date as the calculation time)

Task category: deposit/transaction/first position opening/first profit/loss subsidy/invitation bonus

Note:The opening time of registered users is calculated from the day when the task center goes live)

[Growth task]

After the newcomer’s task is over, it will enter the growth task stage, and each stage will correspond to a different task

Time: unlimited

Task rules: Every time a growth task completion can unlock the next stage of growth task and receive the reward.

【Activity Task】

The Biking Exchange contract will conduct various activities from time to time. Each activity also corresponds to a different task. Once a task completion can get corresponding rewards .

Time: the start and end are consistent with the corresponding activity

Task rules: According to the requirements of special activities

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